About Us

Heating and Air Conditioning—Hvac Services in Newburgh, NY
Our company was started more than 70 years ago in Newburgh, New York, by Vincent J. Cestaro. As a sole proprietorship, serving only the towns of Newburgh, Cornwall, and New Windsor. We were a small company with few resources and 1 man working many long hours.
Vincent began training his son John when he was just 9 years old and eventually handed over the business to him in 1971. Other family members helped out over the years as the company grew, gaining 3 more employees, moving to a larger location and purchasing well-equipped trucks emblazoned with the Cestaro name.
John worked to expand the service areas into Orange, Ulster, and Dutchess counties, and to develop long-standing relationships with residential customers as well as major commercial clients, including drug and food chains. In 1998, Vincent's grandson, Vinnie, joined the company full-time, bringing the employee count up to 7. Starting as an apprentice, Vinnie developed his skills to bring the company into the new age of technology, mastering such products as video inspections and advanced sewer maintenance techniques.
He also spearheaded the introduction of the air-conditioning branch of the company. In 2005, a formal partnership was established between John, Vinnie, and Robert Schulze, a highly valuable component of the company for more than 20 years.
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